York City's 275th Anniversary

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Introduction to Fiscal Freedom and Stability

What is Fiscal Freedom and Responsibility?

As promised in our 2012 State of the City Address, this is an initiative by the Bracey Administration to stabilize property taxes by making adjustments in all city departments that will create savings to reduce the burden on tax paying citizens. We are also urging our county delegation and General Assembly to advance and approve recommendations focusing on reform of outdated binding arbitration and pension laws that exacerbate fiscal distress in Pennsylvania’s cities. These uncontrolled costs lead to layoffs, service cuts and tax increases…and they harm the very works, residents and businesses that are needed to sustain and grow a community. Our state legislators must step forward and support legislation to correct inequities so the municipalities have the freedom to create more tax fairness and stabilize the future of our municipalities and cities, especially our county seat – the City of York.

As your Mayor and a lifelong resident of the City of York, I share your deep concern about stabilizing property taxes and keeping city residents in their homes. Doing so is the responsible thing to do and I take this challenge very seriously. Please familiarize yourself with the background information provided and take action today.

A Call to Action

As a concerned citizen, you have the ability to share your concerns with our delegation of state elected representatives and senators. Use your voice and your vote to tell them they need to hear our cries for help. We are depending on our local legislators to understand the challenges of those who live in and pay taxes to the City. They need to hear from you and your neighbors about the seriousness of this dilemma. Our tax structure needs reform before more drastic measures fall upon the place we call "home." The state government has the ability to enact such reform.

Please take action by using this simple form to communicate with the elected officials. Tell your friends and others who live and work here to do the same. It will take a few minutes, but if you take action, you’ve helped yourself and others.

Thank you once again for your comments, concerns and action. If my team or I can be of further assistance, please let us know, and please keep in touch.