York City's 275th Anniversary

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Wastewater Facilities 


                  For sewer billing questions                  
Contact the Finance Department (717) 849-2268      


The City of York regional wastewater facilities serve the city and six neighboring municipalities. North York Borough, West York Borough, York City, and portions of Manchester, Spring Garden, West Manchester and York Townships.  Our services include city sewer collection, regional wastewater conveyance, wastewater treatment and industrial pretreatment compliance.  Our dedicated staff safeguards the environment and public health by maintaining a high level of treatment at a low cost to our customers. This stewardship is accomplished through sound fiscal management, the use of sustainable technology, and staff education and training. 


Environmental Protection Agency’s (E.P.A.) 1st place

     Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations and Maintenance 

Pennsylvania Water Environment Association Plant Operations and Maintenance Excellence Award Winner 


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